Finally chic to have a bicycle gang?

October 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

As with every Thursday, what drew me from my morning slumbers was the anticipation for the Thursday Styles section of the New York Times—and of course the comfort of coffee just a scoop and switch-flip away.  I pretended to look at the home page for a moment: classic Hollywood heartthrob Tony Curtis died and Democrats are losing sponsors (I mean donors).  To rescue me from what could be the start of a depressing day was the article “Bicycle Chic Gains Speed.”  It’s a great piece on how the fashionistas of New York are peddling in Prada and accessorizing their classic Schwinn with vintage wicker baskets.  The article doesn’t really cite the economic or environmental reasons for biking, save for a shout out to certain celebs who claim they’d rather “burn calories, not fossil fuels.”  It seems pumping up those tires and dusting off the saddle is just plain cool.

Apparently the Times is a bit behind the times, because in the lovely bike-infested city of Gainesville, Florida, biking is the epitome of hipster-cool.  If your ride isn’t decked-out with funky-colored handlebars or sporting a couple alley-cat race cards then you might as well throw on some Sperry’s and a polo and join a frat.  (Just kidding, Gainesville hipsters are way more welcoming, but hyperbole and stereotyping go together like punks and piercings.)  Seriously though, want to be king of Downtown G-ville? Roll up on your aquamarine “fixie” toting your Kremlin chrome bag and you’ll be the prince charming for any thrift-store adorned chick sporting beatnik glasses.

I suppose the New York Times running an article about the stylish side of bicycling just solidifies its coolness.  I know hipsters are all about finding or innovating the next trendy thing, avoiding the mainstream; but if anything is going to become common, shouldn’t it be bicycling?  I’m just going to say that if a New Yorker can roll up to work a bit sweaty in her button-down then so can I.


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